Advocacy on the Ground

Advocacy on the Ground

OUR IMPACT has been present to raise awareness to a diverse range of causes. These matters include support for autism awareness, safe housing, homelessness, substance abuse prevention and mental illness.

In 2020, Our Impact along with its partners worked with a range of schools within the London Borough of Sutton to raise awareness for young people on the autistic spectrum. Our Impact being a proud member of the National Autistic Society, and was listed to showcase their work in London Borough of Sutton’s first ever Autism Festival, which was inline with Global Autism Week 2020.

On the 14th of every month, Grenfell Walks and Grenfell United organize a silent walk in memory of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Our Impact has used its presence and films to raise awareness for determinants of health such as poor housing, mental health, fire safety and environmental challenges faced by the residents of the Grenfell and surrounding areas.


Our Impact had the pleasure to interview some of the key stakeholders during the immediate Grenfell fire aftermath. Experiences on disaster planing, coordination of charity consortiums, meditiation, localising community efforts and harnessing the volunteering sector are all explored here.

Advocacy Via Social Media

Over the past year, as well as advocating in person, Our Impact utilizes social media to reach out to victims, support groups, and other actors. Our Impact creates health promotion and awareness campaign posters to signpost the aforementioned groups in seeking help, support, and justice.

Voices of Grenfell

Voices of Grenfell is a particularly poignant poster series for Our Impact as it was created to give victims, survivors, neighbors, and relatives associated with the Grenfell tragedy a chance to have their words beautifully displayed along with a face to represent who the words were from or about. We shared these posters in groups devoted to Grenfell victims and survivors, including nearby residents with hopes to keep their spirit alive.

Services for Grenfell

Services for Grenfell was a banner series that were created and posted in various Grenfell Facebook groups. Given that many of Grenfell’s survivors, relatives, and bereaved spoke languages other than English. Our Impact translated important health promotion messages and signposted those in need of support to Al Manaar’s counselling services. Languages include Arabic, Farsi, French, Somali, Chinese (traditional), Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Bengali. 

Understanding Mental Illness

The goal of this poster series was to help raise awareness to the diverse conditions of mental illness in order to erase the stigmas attached to it. These posters were shared through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These posters were curated with assistance of people with some of the aforementioned conditioned. The series also was used to support professional and support groups on social media providing assistance to people with the aforementioned conditions.

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